Originality, freshness and exclusiveness characterizes each of our handmade creations, made with love and enthusiasm. Friends from Zarautz, share the passion for fashion and design.

Originalidad, frescura y exclusividad es lo que caracteriza a cada uno de nuestras creaciones hechas a mano con mucho cariño e ilusión. Amigas de Zarautz, compartimos la pasión por la moda y el diseño.  

miali x sewnsing

 Miali & Sew ´n sing skirt

miali x sewnsing

Miali & Sew ´n sing short

miali x sewnsing

Miali & Sew ´n sing Men shirt 

miali x sewnsing

 Miali & Sew ´n sing short

miali x sewnsing

 Miali & Sew ´n sing top

Health, happiness and good waves for all of you… 

shortboard cover











wetsuit bag sew ´n sing

handmade surf bags

Axi Muniain, the big wave surfer from Basque Country and his coach Aitor Francesca “Gallo” having fun with a Carver Skateboard!

For those who do not know Aitor… One year ago he had an accident while he was surfing and lost his sight.  However, as we can see, nothing can stop him!! He is the author of the book Las Olas Contadas

Enjoy this making of! And if anyone is interested in getting a Carver Skateboards or the book, please send an email to axisurfschool@gmail.com

Carrying authenticity and  individuality, these limited edition pieces were inspired by the ocean, surfing, friendship, art, music and a strong sense for the little details in life.

Basic like denim shirts and pants get personalized with one kind of floral fabric, matching dresses and tops feature feminine cuts and accesories like swim suits, pareos and bags supplement the women´s line.

The men´s line consists of a retro-style waxed cotton boardshort, a cotton voile long shirt, a sailor bag ,  a slim fit short sleeve tee and a pareo- all featuring matching baroque prints and details.

With this collection, the unique personalities of two brands merge only to create something uniquely new. Available at select RVCA Europe dealers.

Magic Quiver‘s opening doors march 31st. Wish we could be there!
If anyone’s around, you shouldn’t miss it! If not, drop by anytime you are in Ericeira, Portugal and check it out. Many cool brands and beautiful handmade surfboards and stuff! We just sent the custom collection we made… Such nice vibes!